Layer-2 scaling on BNB Chain

Hybrid scaling for lower fees and faster transactions.


Designed for Scale

zkBNB is your launchpad to achieve infinite scaling for all things Web3 and GameFi. It offers incredible scalability, Layer-1 level security, and frictionless developer experience to build dApps that can onboard the next billion users.



Lightning-fast blockchain transactions, significantly outpacing L1 speed.

Low Gas Fee

Low Gas Fee

Significant gas fee saving



Faster dApp development with seamless integrations

Inherits BNB Chain security

The Layer-2 blockchain regularly communicates with the main chain (Layer-1), in the form of submission of bundles of transactions, to ensure it has similar security and decentralization guarantees as that offered by the main chain.Read More

Execute transactions

Take the data

Compress the data

Roll the compressed data

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